How do we send the bikes?

We send our finished projects worldwide basically. One of the main tasks of Tamarit Motorcycles is the specialization in Triumph Modern Classics, and that has allowed us through years of work and dozens of modified Triumph to master the art of this area and become one of the top builders specialized on the english brand. 

Spanish mainland shipments

We work with spanish suppliers that give us the chance of taking a motorcycle from one place to another inside Spain in just a couple days. Lots of our clients already own a Triumph Modern Classic, therefore the bike is picked up at our client's address. 

When we organise the showcases for our projects, the client decides if he rides all the way home with the motorcycle or we send it to an address of his choice. 


International shipments

We've sent motorcycles to France, Italy, Belgium and United States. Although on every country is more or less the same operation, we work with different import and export consultants who guarantee us that the goods are going to be handled and delivered properly. The shipment costs depends heavily on the destination as well as delivery estimated times. Both things are considered and calculated during the first contacts with the client. 


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